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ADG Construction provides General Contractors and Property Management Companies with comprehensive solutions to Division 10 specialty products and services, inlcuding turnkey shower doors and framed mirrors. ADG takes a hands-on approach from the very start. Our comprehensive bid process begins with our experienced estimators that anticipate all the requirements of the projects, careful project management to ensure that we can adapt to changes in field conditions and timeline, and finally rounding out the completion with our team of professional installers that take great pride in what they do. We are consistently able to deliver our project on-time and on-budget. Our turnkey installation covers the Southeast; Mid-West and Southwest regions. We proudly consider multifamily turnkey shower doors and framed mirrors to be our primary supplied and installed products.

ADG Construction is a Brand of Atlanta Design Group.

Turnkey Shower Doors and framed Mirrors multifamily


Division 10

ADG Construction sells and installs various Division 10 products for commercial, residential, and multifamily properties.

Products we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Shower Doors
  • Framed / Plain mirrors
  • Toilet Partitions
  • Bath Accessories
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Lockers
  • Shelving
  • Display Boards
  • Windows Blinds/Shades
Turnkey Shower Doors and framed Mirrors multifamily

Mirror Wraps

Transform Your Plain Mirror Into an Elegant Focal Point!

Mirror Wraps™ Framed Solutions are easy to install, and they transform that large plain mirror in the bathroom into an elegant focal point. Each Mirror Wrap frame is custom-made to fit directly onto an existing mirror.

  • Custom Made for your application
  • Diverse selection to fit any style
  • No construction… No mess!
  • Fully Assembled or Kitted
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Easy to install!
  • Affordable
Turnkey Shower Doors and framed Mirrors multifamily

Framed Mirrors

Bathrooms have become an important part of the overall interior design of a home. Decorative framed-mirrors are a part of this trend, and make a magnificent difference in the look of the bathroom.

Manufactured and distributed with the highest quality and craftsmanship, we provide a diverse selection of decorative frames to choose from.

  • Custom on Demand, Made in America
  • 2,500+ Frames Available
  • Match Cabinets or Hardware
  • Custom Sizes up to 10’
Turnkey Shower Doors and framed Mirrors multifamily

Plain Mirrors

ADG Construction offers custom sized plain mirrors, mirrored walls and custom fabricated mirrors for your home, office, gym or multi-family project. We can provide custom mirror sizes for any job requirements with a flat edge, polished edge or beveled edge (up to 2-inches). Because our mirrors are manufactured in the United States and thoroughly inspected, we provide the highest quality and a distortion free reflection every time.

• Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
• Exercise Room Mirrors
• Custom Glass Shelving
• “Floating Shelves”
• Tinted Mirrors
• Beveled Edges
• Beveled Door Mirrors
• Sliding or Bi-Fold Mirrored Closet Doors

Shower Doors

ADG has been in the shower door business for more than 41 years and has primarily been working with General Contractors supporting the multi-family industry. Due to ADG’s volume, we have decided to bring our unbelievable pricing and turnkey service to the local Atlanta Home Builders, Remodelers, and the Interior Design Community. Whether you have one shower door or hundreds of shower doors you will receive some of the best pricing and service in the industry.

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